Terms & Conditions


Who we are

Raj Harike, Virmaljit Singh, Rahul Srivastava and Milan Savla

NZSURE Limited

0800 002 951


905 Victoria Street,
Hamilton 3204

What we do

We offer advice on Risk Insurance products to Retail clients which includes:

  • A review of your risk and insurance needs: this includes reviewing your current risks and checking your existing insurance portfolio and then researching for your insurance needs
  • Advice about insurance products: this includes making recommendations for your consideration regarding cover, improvements or premiums
  • Arranging, amending and renewing of insurance contracts (Policies) on your behalf: this includes providing you with quotes, helping in applications and assisting in setting up, amending your insurance policies

How we work

  • Agree on areas of advice requirements – Establish other terms of our engagement
  • Get to know you and gather all necessary facts of your situation – Identify your specific needs and objectives
  • We then analyse and research your circumstances – Develop strategies to meet your needs and objectives
  • Prepare a Statement of Advice
  • Present our recommendations – Implement any agreed recommendations
  • Monitor the implementation and review these strategies and actions on a regular basis

Experience and Qualifications

All our Advisors are Tertiary Qualified and also achieved Level 5 NZ Certificate in Financial Services (Life and Health Insurance).



FDR – Dispute Resolution – FM1490
FSP No.: 615209

Product Providers

  • Fidelity Life
  • AIA
  • Asteron
  • NIB
  • Cigna
  • Accuro
  • Partners Life
  • AMP
  • Southern Cross
  • Booster
  • Generate

How we get paid

Based on your instructions, and therefore our understanding of what is likely to be required to complete this matter for you, we have agreed to the following remuneration structure:

Initial fee: $0.00

  1. The fee for preparation and placement of your business is waived by us on the basis that you complete the business with us and agree to the terms detailed below.
  2. Unless we tell you otherwise, in accordance with normal market practice we will be remunerated by commission from the insurer when you enter into a Policy that we arrange (including when a Policy is renewed and in some cases, when a Policy is varied)
  3. The commission is a percentage of your insurance premium. Some insurers may pay us more than others and some may pay us more than one type of commission. The rate of commission can vary according to the type of insurance and cover provided, and the way the transaction is arranged.
  4. In the event that we waive our professional fees for this work, and be remunerated by commission paid to us directly by the product provider instead, then there is an additional business risk created for us.

It is important for you to note and understand that if for any reason whatsoever this business is cancelled, reduced or discontinued then some or all of the commission is reversible, and becomes a debt to the product provider. Should the business be cancelled, reduced or discontinued by you within the commission responsibility period (24 months), resulting in a commission debt by us to the product provider, then you shall be responsible for that debt to us. Further, should cancellation or discontinuance resulting in a commission reversal occur within the first 12 months, and then you agree to pay us a planning and placement fee for our initial work of $60/hour for number of hours spent in addition to the commission debt balance.

Your Obligations

Any advice or product implementation provided as a result of this needs analysis can only be as good as the information received from you so I ask that you provide me with the information I request. Without relevant and correct information about your personal and financial situation I run the risk of giving advice that is not appropriate for your needs. If you are unsure as to why I need certain information please ask so that I can explain.

Privacy Act

  1. It is understood that any information gathered for this needs analysis is personal and I undertake to keep this information confidential and secure.
  2. The Privacy Act 1993 gives you the right to request access to and correction of, your personal information.
  3. Information provided by you and or any authorised agent will be used by me and any members of my staff for the purpose of providing advice to you and may also be used by any:
    • product or service provider when implementing any of my/our recommendations or variations thereof;
    • compliance advisers, assessors or by any claims investigators who may need access to such information; and
    • Other professionals such as solicitors, accountants, finance brokers, financial planners when such services are required to complement this advice and as requested by you.
  4. The information will be held by me / us at: 905, Victoria Street, Hamilton 3204

Scope of Service and Engagement

The following are the areas or advice or product that you are requesting from me, subject to any specific objectives or limitations of our engagement.

Unless noted below, our discussions and my advice will be in relation to your primary business lines assisting you manage you and/or your family’s financial security in the event of:

  • House or business funding (Mortgage Insurance)
  • Suffering a serious illness or disability (Trauma Insurance)
  • Suffering a permanent disability (Permanent Disability Insurance)
  • Loss of income through sickness or disability (Income Protection Insurance)
  • Requiring timely hospital or specialist treatment (Health Insurance)
  • Untimely Death (Life Insurance)
  • Other