What is Health Insurance?

Nothing is more important than having good health for you or your family. Health insurance protects you from expensive medical costs if you get injured and helps you get medical attention faster, helping you recover quicker from your injury.

Why do you need health insurance?

Our public health system and ACC are there to support if you need urgent medical attention. Due to the free public health system, there can be very long waiting list for much needed elective surgeries; Hence putting unnecessary strain on your physical and mental well-being while you are waiting. Health insurance removes the worry around unexpected medical bills so you can focus on getting the right treatment and start your recovery sooner without worrying about the waiting list.

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Health Insurance Packages


Surgical Only Cover

This package covers medical bills for major diagnostic testing, cancer treatment, injury treatment, and surgeries plus any other associated costs 6 months before and after the surgery. The package also gives you the flexibility of choosing your own medical professional(s) depending upon the plan you choose.

Surgical Plus Added Options

This is package covers everything from surgical cover to increased cover for specialists and tests, reproductive health issues, health screening subsidy, dental, optometry costs depending upon which plan you choose.

Health Insurance Benefits

Prevention is better than Cure

Getting early advice for diagnosis of any medical conditions through a specialists and diagnostic options.

On-Going Surgical Cover

Limits on the surgical cover are reset every year so you never have to worry about reaching those limits.

Non–Pharmac Drug Cover

Most of the medical insurance plans will assist you with any additional costs of non- pharmac drugs needed for cancer treatment.

Option to get treatment overseas

There is an option under medical tourism benefit to get treated overseas.

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