Total Permanent Disablement Insurance

What is Total Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance?

If you become permanently disabled, or unable to work from the impact of an accident or illness, you need TPD insurance to look after your family’s future.

Why do I need this insurance? 

Permanent disability can impact your life and family’s life. It can permanently stop your daily life routines such as doing housework, playing sports, and earning income from your job. The lifestyle you had before the permanent disabilities, can be extremely costly to maintain for you and your family.

With TPD insurance, you will receive lump sum funds to help you pay loans or home mortgage, medical bills, basic needs cost, house alterations and other costs so you can concentrate on readjusting your life peacefully.

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TPD Insurance Packages


Permanent Disability

For one job in one industry

If you are unlikely to work in your current job or the similar field due to being physically or mentally incapacitated, you will receive lump sum payment.


Permanent Disability

For every job in every industry

If you are unable to work due to being so incapacitated or unlikely to ever work again, this package will give you a lump-sum.

TPD Insurance Benefits

Lump-Sum Payment

TPD cover costs such as expensive medical care, hiring a caretaker, ongoing costs for the home.

Get an additional 25% of Sum Assured for some situations

In some situations, such as loss of eyesight, you will be granted 25% sum Assured of a set amount.

Receive funding to adapt to your new lifestyle

You will receive funding to help adapt to your new lifestyle by helping you modify your home or your car. Specialist medical equipment will also be purchased to help you adjust to the new environment at your place.

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